ICN - Pitesti
Nuclear 2015

Christophe Davies European Commission DG RTD EU Energy & Climate Change Policy and Nuclear Fission Research
Alessandro Alemberti Ansaldo Nucleare - Italy ALFRED and i-CRADLE: A Distributed Lead Technology Research Infrastructure
Teodor Chirica FORATOM Nuclear in Europe: Challenges Ahead
Vasile Radu RATEN ICN Romania Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Applied for LBB Case Study: International Benchmark
John Saroudis CANDU Energy, Canada Advancing the CANDU Technology Option for Europe
Jacques Delay ANDRA France The Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Technology Platform. Main Achivements in 2015
Raymon Kowe RWM UK Overview of the IGD-TP's Planning Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste in Europe (PLANDIS) workshop
Serban Constantin Valeca RATEN ICN Romania Strengthening ICN International Cooperation
Marin Constantin RATEN ICN Romania ARCADIA Project - Support for ALFRED Demonstrator Implementation

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