ICN - Pitesti
Nuclear 2013

Serban Constantin Valeca ICN Pitesti, Romania Main Achievements and Future Objectives in Romanian Nuclear Energy Research
John Saroudis Candu Energy Inc. Canada CANDU 6: Versatile and Practical Fuel Technology
Nicolae Victor Zamfir IFIN-HH Romania Eli-NP: Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics
Dragos Popescu Energonuclear, Romania Safety fundamental elements characteriying new build Cernavoda NPP Units 3&4
Elisabeth Keim AREVA, Romania Investigations of Structural Integrity at AREVA
Andrei Roth Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Sustainable Development and Energy in the European Union
Jacques Delay ANDRA, France The Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Technology Platform - A Tool for European RD&D Cooperation
Dietrich Averbeck IRSN/CEA, France Update of the Activities of the MELODI Association
Gregory Willets AMEC Consultancy, UK The Organisation of Nuclear Research Development in UK
Gerard Cognet CEA France Nuclear Energy Development in French Energy Policy
Rodin Traicu Romanian Parliament Romanian Nuclear Energy - features for sustainable development
Peter Ernst COG Canada CANDU Owners Group Inc - Research & Development Program
Giacomo Grasso ENEA, Italy Intrinsic safety through the ALFRED core design
Daniela Diaconu ICN Pitesti, Romania NEWLANCER: Identifying and implementing solutions for an enlarged NMS' involvement in Euratom Programmes

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