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Main research areas:

  • Corrosion of structural materials under normal and abnormal operating conditions in primary circuit of CANDU reactor;
  • Water chemistry, transport and deposition of corrosion products in the primary and secondary circuits of a NPP;
  • Corrosion of structural materials of components and equipments from the secondary circuit of the CANDU reactor;
  • Decontamination of CANDU- NPP systems and equipment;
  • Analysis and diagnosis of degraded components using advanced investigation techniques and modeling of corrosion processes to extend the operation life;
  • Corrosion protection and in situ monitoring of corrosion phenomena applicable to a NPP;
  • Alignment to the regulatory framework in the field of corrosion, materials and manufacturing technologies for systems / components/equipments in CANDU NPP.

The main research results:

  • Development of accelerated chemical methods for analysis of localized corrosion in order to increase the assessment capacity of structures and components integrity from NPPs;
  • Methods for antimony release from the primary circuit of a NPP by retention on Fe and Zr oxide substrates;
  • Assessment of microbiological degradation in the case of welded joints of buried pipes from the service water system at Cernavoda NPP;
  • Identification of alternative technical solutions suitable for the transfer of spent ionic resins from NPP storage pools;
  • Determination of C14 release rate based on assessment of Zy-4 spent fuel corrosion rates, tested in geological storage environment;
  • Identification of technical solutions for implementing lay-up methods (short, medium and long term) to maintain the integrity of classical systems during the refurbishment period at Cernavoda NPP;
  • Development of technological engineering and design capabilities in the field of materials corrosion and manufacturing technologies to maintain and improve performances, reliability and maintenance;
  • Analysis and diagnosis of degraded components from Cernavoda NPP circuits, identification of the failure causes; issuing remedial recommendations.

Contact: Dr. Manuela FULGER; e-mail: manuela.fulger@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 18-02-2019.


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