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Main research areas:

  • Corrosion of structural materials from the primary circuit under normal and abnormal operation conditions of the CANDU reactor;
  • Water chemistry and transport of corrosion products in the environments of the Cernavoda NPP circuits;
  • Decontamination of CANDU NPP systems and equipments;
  • Corrosion of the structural materials of components and equipment from the secondary circuit of the CANDU reactor;
  • Analysis and diagnosis of damaged components from Cernavoda NPP circuits;
  • Corrosion of the structural materials for Generation IV reactors.

Main research results:

  • New techniques and methods for the assessment of corrosion behavior of specific component materials from the CANDU reactor heat transfer circuits;
  • Advanced techniques for the assessment of the composition of corrosion products formed in the environment of the CANDU reactor heat transfer circuits;
  • Identification of corrosion mechanisms of the metal components from the Cernavoda NPP circuits and issuing of recommendations to minimize of the corrosion processes ;
  • Development of methodologies to mitigate the corrosion of concrete reinforcement from the structure of the containment of the CANDU reactor by using corrosion inhibitors;
  • Identification of causes of microbiological corrosion occurring in restrictive circulation areas from the secondary circuit of Cernavoda NPP and issuing recommendations for preventing this type of corrosion;
  • Initiation of a management program of the corrosion of buried pipes at the Cernavoda NPP site;
  • Diagnosis of damaged components from Cernavoda NPP circuits , identification of failure causes and issuing remedy recommendations;
  • Selection of new corrosion resistant materials in extreme environment conditions from water cooled reactors at supercritical temperatures;
  • Publication of the specialty books;
  • Works presented at events and published in scientific journals.

Contact: Dr. Manuela FULGER; e-mail: manuela.fulger@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 23-01-2014.


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