ICN - Pitesti


Main research areas:

  • Maintain and improve the performance, reliability and maintenance of the Process Systems and Equipment (SP&E);
  • Development of Process Systems and Equipment projects with functions of nuclear safety;
  • Software development to improve the operation performance of Cernavoda NPP;
  • Reaching and expanding the lifetime operation (LTO) of Cernavoda NPP;
  • Studies and support analysis for fulfilling the requirements included in the EC Norms and the Authorization requirements for the Cernavoda NPP Unit;
  • Studies and support analysis for the Generation III/IV Cernavoda NPP Unit.

Main research results:

  • Completing the hardware and software project for the SLCD Control System intended for Unit 3 Cernavoda NPP;
  • Software development based on the noise analysis to describe the active zones of the CANDU reactor;
  • Solutions regarding the adaptation and asimilation of the EU standards referring to the design and operation of NPPs in Romania;
  • Development and integration of some experimental facilities for surface engineering with applicability to the integrity and reliability of NPP structures and components;
  • Detection and localization method of the primary coolant leakages due to the break/ cracking of inferior feeders of the CANDU reactor - U1/U2;
  • Development of the infrastructure and expertise capacity to predict the lifetime of Cernavoda NPP components.

Contact: Oana RUSU; e-mail: oana.rusu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 15-12-2015.


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