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Main research areas:

  • Assessment of materials behavior and current candidate for the construction of the steam generator in normal and abnormal operation conditions;
  • Water chemistry and specific processes for the transport, deposit and removal of the corrosion products and impurities in steam generator;
  • Operation, nondestructive testing, maintenance, repairing and modernization of the steam generator;
  • Providing technical support for Cernavoda NPP in the field of steam generator;
  • Reports information Operational Plan for projects in "Chemistry, Materials and Components";
  • Developing, implementing, monitoring and dissemination of program C-D no.7

Main research results:

  • Identification of corrosive degradation processes of the structural materials depending on the material conditions, environment conditions and the test parameters;
  • Establishment of a correlation between the operating conditions and degradation mechanisms of the main structural materials from the primary and secondary circuits of the steam generator and modeling the involved processes ;
  • Development of mathematical models intended to forecast the intensity of the corrosive degradation during certain operating conditions;
  • Decrease of the structural materials corrosion by improving water chemistry or by applying chemical treatments to the surface;
  • Provision of expertise in order to identify the types of degradation occurring due to corrosion of structural components during operation and proposals for decreasing them;
  • Characterization of deposits on tube plate of the steam generator and establishment of their influence on the corrosion behavior of the tubing material of the steam generator and of the heat transfer efficiency;
  • Experimental program dedicated to new technologies for plugging the steam generator tubes in order to restore structural integrity;
  • Implementation of the experimental results obtained in the laboratory, of the operating parameters recorded during the equipment operation, as well as of the information and of the parameters from specialty literature or operation of similar facilities in other countries, into the database to assess the corrosion behavior of structural materials and the formation and transport of corrosion products inside the steam generator circuits.

Contact: PhD Dumitra LUCAN; e-mail: dumitra.lucan@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 19-02-2019.


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