ICN - Pitesti


Main research areas:

  • Assessment of the impact of nuclear activities on the environment;
  • Development of the radiation measurement methods applicable to radiation protection;
  • Development of scientific, methodological and practical knowledge for the radiological emergency preparedness;
  • Public information for nuclear power acceptance;
  • Development of methods, techniques and technologies for the decommissioning of nuclear installations.

Main results of research:

  • Studies concerning the assessment of the impact on the environment, public reports;
  • Procedures, monitoring programs of the effluents radioactivity and of the environment during normal operation and during emergency situations;
  • New methods of radiological characterization applicable to radiation protection and to decommissioning of nuclear installations;
  • Manual of personnel training in the field of radiological safety;
  • Works published in journals and at scientific meetings.

Contact: Cristian DULAMA, e-mail: cristian.dulama@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 29-01-2018.


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