ICN - Pitesti


Main research areas:

  • Technologies and equipment for maintenance, repairing and inspections for the Fuel Handling System (FHS):
    • Development of technologies, tools and devices for maintenance and repairing in the power plant of SMC components;
    • Development of technologies, methods and equipment for on-line monitoring of the installations for predictive maintenance of SMC components;
    • Maintaining the competence and the testing facilities for Nuclear Fuel Handling (F/H) Machines, used at Cernavoda NPP.
  • Nuclear technologies and equipment tested in the F/H Machine rig:
    • Adaption of the F/H Machine rig for other nuclear components testing;
    • Design and development of tools, technological devices and equipment to be used in F/H rig for testing nuclear and non-nuclear components;
    • Development of technologies and methods for testing nuclear and non-nuclear components on the F/H testing rig.
  • Technologies and equipment for FHS simulation:
    • Development of methods and technologies to simulate the operation of FHS components, used for training and professional testing of F/H operators;
    • Design of equipment for functional simulation of FHS components.
  • Studies, analyses and technical solutions for emergency response at FHS:
    • Identification of the main emergency cases during FHS operation and the development of technical solutions for intervention.
  • Studies, analyses and technical solutions to decrease the effects of the wear mechanism at the FHS:
    • Identification of the wear mechanism produced during FHS operation, results assessment and technical solutions development to decrease their occurrence.

Main research results:

  • Completing the testing contract for F/H Machine Heads 4, 5 and RAM 7 intended for Unit 2 from Cernavoda NPP;
  • Device for removing the F/H snout plug, in case of failure;
  • Device for the installation in the fuel channel of the actuating elements of the inspection equipment, through the special channel closing.
  • Functional testing of the transfer devices for TRIGA - LEU irradiated failed fuel from the catchment to PIEL or the intermediate storage repository;
  • Device for detaching the fuel elements from the irradiated CANDU fuel bundle assembly, for PIEL examination;
  • Real time and simultaneous monitoring system for the modules of the 2.1 MW electric heater, which is located in the F/H testing rig;
  • Making the experimental model for FHS independent simulator ( in progress);
  • Completing the computerized system for training, testing and evaluating the FHS personnel knowledge (in progress);
  • Producing the test section for viewing the coolant flow in the sub channel area of the CANDU fuel (in progress).

Contact person: IDT II Nicolae MARINESCU; e-mail: nicolae.marinescu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 06-02-2014.


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