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Main research areas:

  • Assessment of nuclear fuel performance:
    • Development and validation of modeling codes for fuel behavior in the reactor;
    • Irradiation tests and post - irradiation examination on experimental fuel elements;
    • Out of pile tests;
    • Failed fuel behavior investigation;
    • Investigation of failure mechanisms of irradiated fuel in Cernavoda NPP;
    • Effects of design limits on fuel behavior;
    • Fundamental studies.
  • Nuclear fuel safety research:
    • Increase power tests;
    • Loss of coolant agent (LOCA) tests;
    • Thermal shock integral tests;
    • Mechanical tests;
    • Experiments for determining the of fission gas release;
    • Modeling fuel operation in accident conditions;
    • Validation of nuclear fuel behavior codes.
  • Advanced fuel cycles (Slightly Enriched Uranium, Recovered Uranium, Thorium):
    • Advanced fuel bundle and fuel elements design;
    • Simulation of advanced fuel behavior in power reactor;
    • Refueling schemes;
    • Manufacturing and out of pile testing of advanced CANDU fuel;
    • Fuel elements operation at extended burn - up levels;
    • Probabilistic methods in modeling the operation of CANDU fuel;
    • Irradiation tests in TRIGA tests reactor.
  • Support for the operation of Cernavoda NPP:
    • Analysis used for the Safety Report of Cernavoda NPP;
    • Identification of failed fuel causes;
    • Development of the expert system for failure assessment;
    • Definition of the fuel operation limits;
    • Analysis of fuel behavior in normal and accident conditions.

Main research results:

  • Development and validation of codes on nuclear fuel behavior;
  • Advanced fuel bundle design (development and project optimization, project assessment);
  • Fuel safety analysis:
    • Safety and licensing requirements for the nuclear fuel produced in Romania and used at Cernavoda NPP;
    • Safety analysis used for the Safety Report preparation of the Cernavoda NPP;
    • Fuel operation in normal and accidental conditions operating.
  • Tests carried out in the TRIGA tests reactor. Post - irradiation Examination:
    • High Power Tests;
    • Power ramp tests;
    • Power cycle tests;
    • Tests to measure the internal pressure of the fission gas;
    • Analysis tests of the chemical composition of the fission gas;
    • Tests of central temperature measurement;
    • RIA tests.
  • Out of pile tests carried out within the Out of Pile Testing Department (TAR):
    • Pressure drop tests;
    • Durability tests;
    • Impact tests;
    • Endurance tests.
  • Radioactive waste management:
    • Thermal and thermo - mechanical analysis of a final repository for spent fuel (international cooperation)

Contact: Gheorghe OLTEANU; e-mail: gheorghe.olteanu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 23-01-2014.


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