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Main research areas:

  • Methods of protection against corrosion (the issue of corrosion inhibitors, coatings):
    • The influence of specific groups types from molecules of organic inhibitors on their efficiency;
    • The action mechanism of amine type inhibitors present in the dismissing solutions in protecting carbon steel;
    • Corrosion management of carbon steel components during their chemical cleaning in solutions which contain various types of corrosion inhibitors;
    • Correlation of the corrosion inhibitors efficiency with the length and the radicals structure related to amino grouping;
    • Methods to select the types and concentrations of corrosion inhibitors used in solutions of the carbon steel;
    • The action mechanism of the inhibitors used in the brass cleaning solutions.
  • Development of methods for the characterization of advanced materials, the processes characterization, obtaining carbon structures with controlled properties:
    • Methods development for the characterization of materials with special properties obtained through controlled changing of the superficial structure;
    • Development of a System for the "smart manufacture" of the carbon superficial structures with special properties, through electrochemical techniques.
  • Techniques for obtaining the extremely tough carbon movies resistant to corrosion for the industrial field:
    • Assessment of the materials testing capability with deposits of carbon movies to different types of corrosion;
    • Comparative study of deposition techniques of slim carbon movies with controlled properties for applications in the industrial field.

Main research results:

  • Studies, methods and works:
    • The action mechanism of inhibitors used in the brass cleaning solutions;
    • Selection of types of inhibitors for the carbon steel passivation disposed;
    • The action mechanisms of the inhibitors used in carbon steel passivation solutions;
    • The use of cathode protection (CP) in NPP with an emphasis on the types of equipment that are suitable for this type of protection;
    • The main parameters of cathode protection and types of materials used as soluble anodes;
    • Promoting the research on radiation protection in the medical field;
    • Characterization methods of advanced materials and processes for obtaining them;
    • Development of technologies for obtaining the advanced materials through electrochemical techniques;
    • Techniques for obtaining the extremely tough carbon movies resistant to corrosion for the industrial field.

Contact: Mihai STOICA; e-mail: mihai.stoica@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 23-01-2014.


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