ICN - Pitesti


Main research areas:

  • Increasing the safety in the operation of the heavy water production devices and increasing the work security to their operation;
  • Increasing the reliability of the heavy water production facilities through the GS technology;
  • Nuclear safety of the detritiation facilities;
  • Increasing the efficiency of the heavy water production through the GS technology ;
  • Storing hydrogen and tritium.

Main research results:

  • Establishing the behavior of structural materials used in the heavy water production devices, materials which have been subject to the environmental action of water - hydrogen sulfide during different periods of time and operating conditions;
  • Metal hydride behavior during heat cycle, in hydrogen atmosphere;
  • Theoretical and experimental studies on storage vessels for metal hydride. Investigations of heat transfer in storage vessels;
  • Kinetics and mechanism of absorption/desorption of hydrogen in metal hydrides;
  • Kinetic and calorimetric investigations on the process of hydriding / de hydriding in systems TiU-H and Mg-H;
  • Obtaining the intermetallic compounds with large storage capacity based on depleted metallic uranium.

Contact: CSIII Mariea DEACONU; e-mail: mariea.deaconu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 23-01-2014.


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