ICN - Pitesti


Main research areas:

  • Modernization of the instrumentation and control equipment (I&C) for Cernavoda NPP based on methodologies, guides and practices provided by the IAEA technical documents; implementation of the requirements imposed on the digital equipment I&C intended to replace the analogical type;
  • Upgrading the equipment produced in previous years whose production and merchandising is no longer possible due to obsolescence or expiration of the competent authorities approval (BRML, CNCAN, Health Ministry);
  • Development of integrated systems in the field of radioprotection and for the information presentation in the control room (technical offices) at the NPP;
  • I&C equipment aging management for the NPP;
  • Implementation of the CAD and CASE means and methods in the information design and integration;
  • Development of radiation detectors.

Main research results:

  • Design and manufacturing of equipment, instrumentation and control for Units 1 and 2 at Cernavoda NPP:
    • Failed fuel location system (SLCD);
    • Monitoring system for radioactivity in the heat transport system;
    • Ionization chambers;
    • Amplifiers for flux detectors;
    • Dynamic compensation mode;
    • Monitoring system for personnel and surfaces contamination.
  • Design and manufacturing of instrumentation and control for the TRIGA research reactor;
  • Design and manufacturing of the processing and collecting system for the meteorological data.

Contact: Ion PIRVU; e-mail: ion.pirvu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 29-01-2018.


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