ICN - Pitesti

Useful links

Romanian Government - http://www.gov.ro

Ministry of Economy - http://www.minind.ro

Ministry of Economy - Department for Energy - http://energie.gov.ro

Ministry of Education and Research - http://www.edu.ro

Ministry of National Education - Scientific Research, Technological Development, Innovation - http://administraresite.edu.ro

RATEN - Technologies for Nuclear Energy State Owned Company http://www.raten.ro

CITON - Center of Technology and Engineering for Nuclear Projects - http://www.citon.ro

SNN - National Society Nuclearelectrica S.A. - http://www.nuclearelectrica.ro

Cernavoda NPP- Nuclear Power Plant Cernavoda - http://www.cne.ro

FCN Pitesti - Nuclear Fuel Factory Pitesti - http://www.fcn.ro

CNCAN - National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control - http://www.cncan.ro

ANDR - Nuclear Agency & Radioactive Waste - http://www.agentianucleara.ro

Romanian Academy - http://www.acad.ro

AREN - Romanian Association "Nuclear Energy" - http://aren.ro

RPS - Romanian Physical Society - http://www.srfizica.ro

ROMATOM - Romanian Atomic Forum - http://rom-atom.ro

Links to international projects

Enhancing educAtion, traininG and communication - processes for informed behaviors and decision - making reLatEd to ionizing radiation risks - http://eagle.sckcen.be/

Assessment of Regional CApabilities for new reactors Development through an Integrated Approach - http://projectarcadia.eu/

New MS Linking for an Advanced Cohesion in Euratom Research - http://www.newlancer.net/

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