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  • Trials and tests on sealed sources of radiation used in nuclear facilities of industrial gammagraphy processes (e.g. 192Ir);
  • Trials and tests for dosimetric devices;
  • Environmental trials (moist heat, dry heat, cold, etc.) for equipment, devices and components used in nuclear or industrial field;
  • Tests on packaging used for the transport of radioactive materials;
  • Type and batch testing for devices, components and nuclear equipment;
  • Certifying products compliance (devices, equipment, machinery, packaging, sealed sources of radiation) manufactured in the institute;
  • Research in the nuclear field within the R&D programmes from  the institute;
  • Accelerated ageing tests for nuclear materials and components.


  • Laboratory notified by CNCAN through CNCAN NOTIFICATION no. LI 02/2012 – for the entire field of testing.

Testing facility for packages (containers) type A, B and C for the transport of radioactive materials

Experimental facilities

The reliability and testing laboratory is equipped with the devices and equipment for the trials and tests on nuclear intended equipment which consists in :

  • Testing facility for packages to be used for the transport and storage of radioactive materials

Within the Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti (INR) it was built a new testing facility for type A, B, and C Packages to be used for the transport and storage of radioactive materials. This facility was built within the Excellence Scientific Project CEEX 7175/2006 and was co-funded by INR Pitesti and the Ministry of Education and. Qualifications tests for a maximum packages weight up to 5 tons can be performed at this facility.

Components of the testing facility:

    • The target – a flat, horizontal surface where there are performed the free drop test from a maximum height of 9m as well as the trials of mandrel drop, penetration, dynamic crushing, perforation/breaking.
    • The slope- metallic construction consisting of a platform situated at the height of 2 m and a slope of 30° inclination having at the basis a shock body that strikes the specimen. The slope allows the rolling tests of the packages.
    • The basin for thermal tests and water spray tests  – the concrete basin that allows the thermal and water spray test
    • The Stacking Platform – a flat, horizontal surface that allows the stacking test


Devices and equipment :

    • water spray device;
    • a Φ 20 bar and mounting support;
    • a Φ 15 bar and mounting support;
    • steel plate of 500 kg;
    • mobile electric panel;
    • electric pump;
    • other devices and facilities required in the trial activity.


  • ORTEC GAMMA SPECTROMETRY CHAIN, including the following: HPGE Detector and two operation softwares: MAESTRO-32 and GAMMAVISION-32

The multichannel GAMMA SPECTROMETRY CHAIN with HPGe detector is designed to perform testing for the determination of radio nuclides and their activity through quantitative and qualitative analyses on different samples (sources, sampling dried smears ).

  • Climatic chambers

ILKA FEUTRON climatic chamber:

    • temperature range -75° C – +100 ° C;
    • humidity: 0 – 100 % RH;
    • internal dimensions (L x D x h) 77 x 75 x 102 cm;
    • useful volume: 630 dm3.

CH 1200 C climatic chamber of increased capacity:

    • temperature range -75° C – +180 ° C;
    • humidity: 0 – 98 % RH;
    • internal dimensions (L x D x h) 100 x 113 x 102 cm;
    • useful volume: 1150 dm3.

The oven:

    • temperature range – max. +220 ° C.
  • Electronic devices for measurement and specific control
    • Digital tenthmeter  FLUKE 8846-A 6 and ½ digits;
    • Ondoscope TEKTRONIX 453 A 10 MHz.
  • Device for radiation detection
    • Dose flowmeter AUTOMESS 6150 AD 5/H 1  µSv/h  - 1000 m Sv/H 45 KeV- 2,6 MeV.

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