ICN - Pitesti
RATEN ICN was designated by IAEA as International Center based on Research Reactor

After the signing of two agreements in 2015 and 2019 in the framework of the " Practical Arrangements on Cooperation in the area of Scientific and Technical Support to Member States in Nuclear Safety” between ICN and IAEA, the cooperation between the two institutions developed continuously, so that on 17.01.2020, following the evaluation of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti was designated as International Center based on Research Reactor - ICERR for the fields "Education and Training" and "Joint research and development (R&D) projects)".

The designation of the Institute as ICERR together with 6 other renowned institutes from the USA, France, Korea, Russia and Belgium, represents an international recognition of the nuclear research capabilities in the field of nuclear energy represented by ICN.

Last modified: 31-01-2020.


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