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  • Ensuring the technical support for testing at irradiation the nuclear fuel intended for nuclear power plants CANDU-type;
  • Testing and qualifying the structural materials intended for the CANDU nuclear power plant;
  • Radioisotopes production for applications in the health, environment and industry field;
  • Development of investigation methods and techniques using the radiations produced in the reactor.

Activities and services:

  • Irradiation activities in the reactor of the nuclear fuel and structural materials;
  • Development, homologation and authorization of new irradiation devices for irradiation testing of nuclear material and structural material for nuclear power plants;
  • Reactor core management;
  • Carrying out transient tests in the ACPR reactor for supporting the homologation documentations for Generation IV fuels;
  • Using the reactor for the radioisotopes production;
  • Analysis services for neutron activation;
  • Prompt gamma spectrometry;
  • Neutron dosimetry;
  • Determination of irradiated fuel burn-up;
  • Neutron radiography of irradiated and non-irradiated materials;
  • Structural analyses through neutron diffraction;
  • TIG computer welding and microplasma on stainless steels, special alloys, reactive and refractory materials.

Experimental facilities:

The Reactor Department has nationwide unique facilities that allow testing and irradiation testing of nuclear fuel and structural materials in nuclear power plants.


Irradiation facilities:

  • Irradiation devices:
  • A-100kV loop, Temp. Max. 310oC; Pmax: 120 bars;
  • C1-C2 capsule, Temp. Max. 300oC; Pmax: 120 bars ;
  • C5 capsule, Temp. Max. 290oC; Pmax: 6 bars;
  • C9 capsule, Temp. Max. 300oC; Pmax: 120 bars;
  • Curved crystal neutron diffractometer;
  • SANS diffractometer;
  • Prompt gamma spectrometry facility;
  • Chemistry laboratory;
  • Thermal column - standard neutron spectrum system in the intermediate Sigma-Sigma energy range located in the Thermal Column with irradiation cavity from the TRIGA SSR research reactor pool. Thermal neutron flux density ranges between 2x106 -5x1010 n/cm2s-1
  • High resolution gamma spectrometry chain;
  • TIG computer welding facility;
  • Vacuum brazing facility.


TRIGA ACPR - REACTOR - Annular pulsed reactor

The ACPR - Reactor can work up to 20.000 MW pulse; it has a single central irradiation cannel for fuel and structural materials irradiations under pulsed modes.
Irradiation facilities:

  • C6 capsule (Temp. Max. 290oC; Pmax: 6 bars) is an irradiation device intended for the irradiation testing of experimental fuel elements ;
  • Neutronography facility;
  • PGA (prompt gamma analysis);
  • Pneumatic rabit for neutron activation analysis.

Following the modernization process completed in 2011, it was extended the lifetime of TRIGA up to 2030.

Main achievements:

  • Nuclear fuel tests and structural materials:
    • Design, execution and instrumentation for the sample holder for measuring the central temperature of the fuel elements;
    • Measurement test of the central temperature of the fuel element;
    • Nuclear fuel behavior in network load tracking mode;
    • 403M steel irradiation used in the terminal fittings of the fuel channels;
    • Irradiating samples for nuclear fuel claddings;
    • Zr - 2,5 % Nb alloy irradiation - the samples were from the pressure tube heads from Unit 1 Cernavoda;
    • Determining the threshold energy for nuclear fuel failure;
    • Gamma spectrometry fuel burn-up measurement;
  • Radioisotopes:
    • 192Ir sources production for industrial gammagraphy;
    • Irradiation target production for radioisotopes (different sizes of metallic pellets or sinterized) using homologated production lines.
  • Other applications for the nuclear field:
    • Neutrons activation analysis development using K0 method;
    • Neutron multi-elementary activation analysis;
    • Determination of the isotopic abundance of boron and gadolinium through prompt gamma spectrometry;
    • Development of a new concept configuration of crystal neutron diffractometer with high resolution;
    • Neutron characterization of the irradiation installation for testing in the TRIGA-SSR and ACPR reactors.

Contact person: Dr. Dumitru BARBOS; e-mail: dumitru.barbos@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 08-03-2018.


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