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  • Testing and checking devices, components and nuclear equipment and products manufactured by the institute or by other producers;
  • Carrying-out activities within commercial contracts for the customers concerning:
    • Checking and testing radioactive sources and materials;
    • Conformity certification for devices / equipment / dosimetry installations used in nuclear activities;
  • Carrying-out studies within the R&D programs of the institute.


  • Testing and checking sealed radioactive sources used in nuclear facilities or in the industrial process of gammagraphy (eg. 192Ir);
  • Testing and checking the installations dosimetry for monitoring environmental radioactivity;
  • Environmental testing (damp heat, dry heat, cold, etc.) for equipment, devices, components, used in the nuclear and industrial area;
  • Testing the packages used in the transport and storage of radioactive materials;
  • Type and production (lot) testing for devices, components and nuclear equipment;
  • Certifying products conformity (devices, equipment, installations, packages, sealed sources of radiation), products manufactured by the institute;
  • Conducting research activities in the nuclear field within the R&D programs of the institute;
  • Carrying-out accelerated ageing tests for nuclear materials and components.

Certification and Authorization

  • Notifications of National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN) LI 02/2012 - for the entire testing field.

Main achievements

  • Validating and commissioning in 2009 The Testing Facilities Radioactive Material Transport Packaging - capacity conducted under contract CEEX 7175/2006;
  • Testing and checking for reception and commissioning the facilities modernized in 2011 within the Institute's Radioactive Waste Treatments and Conditioning Plant;
  • Evaluating the regulatory requirements for radioactive material transport packages and implementing effective management in the transport safety area;
  • Identifying ways to transfer, handle, transport on medium and long term management of spent resins generated by Cernavoda NPP;
  • Participating in the development of the lead technologies for LFR type reactors by evaluating methods for separation of polonium result in the reactor operation.

Contact: CS III Viorica NISTOR, e-mail: viorica.nistor@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 09-01-2014.


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