ICN - Pitesti



  • Organizing foreign relations activities concerning ICN's staff trips abroad and foreign visits within the Institute;
  • Ensuring and developing technology transfer activities, promoting products, services and technologies carried out by the Institute, disseminating the results obtained within the R&D programs/projects and promoting the Institute's image;
  • Organizing and disposing of ICN's training center and library;
  • Organizing protocol activities.



  • Drawing-up documents required for organizing visits at ICN of foreign/Romanian experts and staff trips abroad;
  • Coordination of ICN's website management team for increasing the Institute's visibility, promoting the Institute's achievements, the nuclear field and informing the public;
  • Promoting the research activity, the products, services and technologies within ICN;
  • Identifying through various media, research projects that the Institute may engage in, economic agents interested in the products and activities carried out by the Institute;
  • Making catalogs and promotional materials of products, services and the Institute's main achievements;
  • Organizing scientific events, conferences, seminars and meeting with partners with whom the Institute has cooperation relationships;
  • Drawing-up ICN's annual activity reports;
  • Ensuring the collaboration with other technology transfer networks;
  • Organizing lectures and visits within ICN of teachers, students and pupils for promoting the institute's achievements and the nuclear field.


Main achievements:

  • Promoting research activities through making promotional materials, posters, brochures, data sheets, taking part in trade fairs and national exhibits, conferences and meetings with potential partners/beneficiaries of ICN's services and products;
  • Developing and updating ICN - Pitesti website, in collaboration with the Metrology and Information Technology Department;
  • Drafting the Self-evaluation Report according to provisions of GD no.551/2001 and Ministry of Education, Research and Youth Order no. 2171/2007, based on which the Institute was certified to carry-out research and development activities, according to ANCS Decision no. 9666/2.06.2008;
  • Ensuring the technical-scientific knowledge transfer by collecting and posting on ICN's intranet page the papers published by the Institute's specialists, summaries of research papers and of other scientific documents;
  • Taking part, since 2008, in the organization of ICN's annual international conference "Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development through Nuclear Research and Education" - Nuclear;
  • Drawing-up ICN's annual activity reports.


Contact: Ileana CRETU e-mail: ileana.cretu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 18-10-2017.


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