ICN - Pitesti



  • Research on behavior of nuclear materials surfaces and material/ambient interfaces from nuclear reactors in operating conditions;
  • Development of surface engineering techniques aiming to obtain advanced nuclear materials by surfaces controlled change.


  • Microphysical characterization of surfaces and thin films (XPS analysis and microscopy, depth profiling);
  • Surface engineering experiments (Plasma electrolysis treatments, ionic liquids electro depositions) in order to obtain materials exploitable under extreme operating conditions - high pressure, high temperature and high neutron flux.


  • The laboratory was notified as National Tests Laboratory for SAXPS (Small Area XPS), XPS Microscopy (fast Parallel XPS imaging) and Depth Profiling techniques, as stated in LI 07/2008 Notification issued by the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN).

Main achivements

  • Analysis of surface structures and thin film subject for the ITER program (under some commercial contracts with INFLPR) or present on nuclear materials during researches on nuclear materials corrosion;
  • Development of the infrastructure required for the research on electrochemical surface engineering (plasma electrolysis treatments and electro deposition in ionic liquids facilities);
  • Contributin to National Research Programme:
    • CEEX Projects: ELSURFSTRUCT (2006-2008), ESCALAB (2006-2008), NANOSCALE-CONV (2006-2008), LANOPOLIR-LP(2007-2008)
    • PNII Projects: TIMAT-AUTO (2007-2010), CAPACIF (2009-2011)

Contact: Dr. Ing. Oana Alice RUSU, e-mail: oana.rusu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 31-05-2016.


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