ICN - Pitesti



  • Providing radiation protection and environmental protection measures for its own nuclear installations and supporting the research and development program for increasing man and environment protection efficiency against radiation risks.


  • Research and development activities in radiation protection and environmental protection;
  • Operational radiation protection activities: workplace monitoring, management of radioactive releases into environment, environmental radioactivity monitoring, monitoring of individual radiation exposure, emergency planning and preparedness, training in radiation safety;
  • Services: notified laboratory for radiological characterization of materials, the determination of emissions (uranium and beryllium) in biological samples, certified experts for radiological safety studies and surveys.


  • CNCAN license for nuclear activities;
  • Designation by CNCAN, as notified testing laboratory;
  • CNCAN level 3 permits - qualified experts in radiological protection for nuclear installations and unsealed sources, specialized in nuclear reactors, environment protection and radioactive waste.

Main achievements

  • Annual reports on the results of the environmental impact assessment of nuclear activities;
  • Programs for monitoring the effluents and the environmental radioactivity;
  • Calculating derived discharge limits for gaseous and liquid effluents from nuclear installations;
  • New methods for radiological characterization of materials;
  • Assessment of radiological consequences in case of nuclear accidents, postulated for the TRIGA ICN reactor;
  • The Radiation Protection National (Romanian) Experts Group of the NEWLANCER European Project was led by the head of INR Radiation Protection Laboratory.
  • Commercial contracts:
  • Radio-analytical determination of gross alpha/beta activity and Pu, Am and U isotopes activity concentration in contamination samples from Cernavoda NPP
  • C-14 and Sr-90 content determination in liquid effluents samples from Cernavoda NPP
  • Effluents and environmental radioactivity monitoring for the Nuclear Fuel Plant
  • Uranium and Beryllium content determination in biological samples for Nuclear Fuel Plant workers
  • Assessment of radiation exposure for workers and the public during the remediation of a NORM contaminated site (oil industry)
  • General concept for the remediation of a NORM contaminated site (oil industry)
  • Products, services and technologies provided in the last 5 years
  • Design, development and testing of carbon separation equipment for C-14 determination in the surface waters.
  • Rapid method for measuring the concentration of tritium in air using passive collectors with calcium chloride.
  • The laboratory has an active membership in the IAEA ALMERA and RANET networks, participating in coordination meetings, inter-comparison exercises and proficiency tests.

Contact: Dr. Alexandru TOMA, e-mail: alexandru.toma@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 07-02-2014.


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