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  • Research and technological engineering for the development of NPP's technologies and equipment;
  • Theoretical research on the nuclear fuel bundle manufactured in Romania;
  • Testing oequipment, facilities, nuclear fuel and nuclear materials for CANDU type reactors.


  • Mechanical and thermo-hydraulic tests;
  • Analysis and interpretation of the experimental data from the testing rig and of the process data for nuclear reactors;
  • Equipment design and development for Cernavoda NPP;
  • Design, execution, fitting, calibration, testing and homologation of equipment and special devices designed to carry out the qualification tests of the NPP equipment, facilities, components and materials;
  • Functional tests for qualifying the Cernavoda NPP system components: Nuclear Fueling Machines, reserve pusher RAM, channel closing, nuclear fuel, special tools and devices; 
  • Elaboration of new methods and technologies for the Cernavoda NPP equipment maintenance;
  • Development of the methods necessary to operate experimental facilities for testing lead corrosion/ erosion;
  • Computer code development;
  • Services and maintenance for CANDU NPP systems;
  • Technological support and consultancy for Cernavoda NPP.

Main achievements

  • Software program for EMR-15 multi-tasking equipment of the radiation monitory (dose rate monitoring, integrated dose, emitting gamma sources activity, radioisotope dosage in the medical field);
  • Experimental technological facility for the restoring of the thermal insulation damaged by accelerated aging in the SLCD moderator tank coil assemblies, under plant planned shut-down conditions;
  • Technological facilities for the non-destructive evaluation of the power cable ageing;
  • Experimental facilities necessary for drafting the ice plugging insulation in the horizontal pipes crossed by the driving agent;
  • Technological facilities needed to study (model) the degradation mechanism of the coupling tube pressure - spring bracelet spacer - Calandria tube;
  • Technological facilities required for the development of the technique for profilometry control of the pipes inner surface in the flare area;
  • Experimental facilities for testing lead corrosion / erosion of structural materials intended for "LFR" nuclear reactors Generation IV (equipment in progress);
  • Developing software codes intended for the management for the computer simulator of the SMC experimental model.
  • Automatic detection technology of common and uncommon frequencies for time-varying signals.

Contact: Constantin IORGA, e-mail: constantin.iorga@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 10-01-2014.


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