ICN - Pitesti



  • Providing the technical support for research works and experiments performed by R.A.T.E.N. - Institute for Nuclear Research (ICN) Pitesti;
  • Manufacturing equipment and devices for internal and external customers;
  • Carrying-out activities within commercial contracts concluded with various beneficiaries including:
    • Manufacturing, repairing, assembling technologies of facilities and equipment for the nuclear and non-nuclear fields;
    • Execution of radiation protection barriers from Pb-Sb alloys, by casting/cladding into containers, partitions walls, etc.;
    • Production of vessel and high pressure pipes, laboratory facilities.
  • Putting into practice, as fast as possible, the research results, with applicability in the nuclear and non-nuclear fields;


  • Developing manufacturing technologies, technical procedures and control plans, in accordance with contracts' requirements;
  • Providing services, devices, experimental and prototype models, based on production designs, outline specifications etc. issued by research/design departments;
  • Designing and manufacturing devices and equipment necessary in the production process;
  • Developing specifications for special processes (welding, Pb casting, painting, etc.) and ensuring their homologations;
  • Producing and testing different products at the request of internal and external customers;
  • Manufacturing equipment, devices, etc. necessary for the scientific research projects of ICN Pitesti;
  • Maintaining and repairing nuclear or non-nuclear equipment and facilities.


  • ICN - Nuclear Prototypes delivers products implementing the Quality Management System in the Nuclear Field - CNCAN authorized;
  • The works completed within the workshop comply with the Quality Management System, respectively SR ISO 9000:2006; SR EN ISO 9001:2008; SR EN ISO 14001:2005: SR OHSAS 18001:2008, CNCAN norms, ASME code, 1980 edition, without Addendum, Section III, NCA 4000 and ISCIR - Nuclear;
  • ICN - Nuclear Prototypes Workshop is authorized by ISCIR Nuclear Bucharest, for:
    • manufacturing and repairing facilities/equipment stable under pressure for the nuclear field according to the technical prescription PT N SCP1-2008 and for the non-nuclear field (class 6);
    • producing and repairing lifting mechanisms and their auxiliary devices for nuclear facilities, according to PT N MMR 1-2008;
    • manufacturing and repairing under pressure pipes and pipes elements of nuclear class according to the technical prescription PT N SCP1-2008.

Main achievements

  • Swing crane 1 Tf - customer Cernavoda NPP;
  • Bearers - customer FCN CNE Pitesti;
  • Radiation protection doors - customer HIF Bucharest;
  • Mandrels for welding - customers ISCIR authorized trading company in the welding area;
  • Jaws tweezers for welding T578 - customers FCN CNE Pitesti and GPM TITAN Bucharest;
  • Hypodermic sampling stations - customer ROMIB Bucharest;
  • Unloading supply vessels - customer ICSI Rm Valcea;
  • Maintenance for radiation protection doors - customer Elias Hospital Bucharest;
  • Graphite pallets - customer ROMAG Prod Tr. Severin;
  • Radioactive effluents sampling station - SC General Concret Cernavoda;
  • Lead protective assembly housing container - SC Nimb Cernavoda;
  • Manufacturing equipment, devices and technologies necessary for the carrying-out research contracts R.A.T.E.N - I.C.N Pitesti;
  • Completing ICN investment programs by making specific installations and equipment.

Contact: Ing. Constantin MILITARU, e-mail: constantin.militaru@nuclear.ro;

Last modified: 09-01-2014.


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