ICN - Pitesti




  • Preserving and developing the capacity of providing the technical - scientifical support for the safe operation of Cernavoda NPP during lifetime operation;
  • Out of pile studies of nuclear materials behavior during normal, abnormal and severe accident conditions;
  • Technologies development for experimental fuel elements fabrication & advanced nuclear fuels manufacturing.


  • Corrosion behavior of metallic materials from CANDU Primary and Secondary Circuits;
  • Corrosion behavior of advanced materials for GIV Reactors;
  • Microbiological corrosion in NPP;
  • Mechanical behaviour, microstructural analyses and degradation mechanisms for the structural components from CANDU Fuel Channel;
  • Thermo-mechanical behavior of metallic and ceramic materials under different states of stress and environmental conditions;
  • Manufacturing of UO2 sintered power and pellets;

Experimental facilities

  • Equipments for obtaining metallic powder;
  • Small scale equipment for UO2 sinterable powder manufacturing;
  • Sintering furnaces and furnace for controlled hydriding;
  • Isostatic press and hydraulic presses for UO2 sinterable powder pressing;
  • System for mechanical testing and creep machine;
  • Centerless grinding machine;
  • End cap-sheaths and end cap-end plate welding machine;
  • Static autoclaves and corrosion testing loop.
  • Hydrogen-Oxygen Analyzer;
  • Diffractometer;
  • Metallographic Microscopes;
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes;
  • Granulometer HORIBA LA 950;
  • Plasma mass spectrometer;
  • Thermal analyzer SETSYS Evolution 24.

Main Achievements

  • Analysis and diagnosis of degraded components from NPP Cernavoda;
  • Experimental database concerning the corrosion of structural materials for the primary and secondary circuit;
  • Manufacturing experimental instrumented fuel elements irradiated in ICN TRIGA Reactor;
  • Manufacturing the experimental model of the advanced fuel bundle;
  • Procedure for out of pile low cycle fatigue testing of Zircaly-4 sheaths;
  • Performance assessment of the site proposed for low and intermediate waste disposal.


Contact: Dr. Dumitra LUCAN; e-mail: dumitra.lucan@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 19-02-2019.


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