ICN - Pitesti



  • Transmission of the measurement unit for performing accurate measurements in the research and development and production processes, both technically and legally.
  • Managing the IT infrastructure and establishing / implementing the IT policy within RATEN ICN in order to ensure the protection of the information classified in electronic format and the stable and correct functioning of the IT system..


  • Standardizes, calibrates, repairs, measures and monitors the equipment in accordance with the current legislation.
  • Provides expert advice and manages the metrological measurement and monitoring of RATEN ICN equipment.
  • Represents RATEN ICN in relation with metrology entities (CNCAN, BRLM, INM).
  • Ensures the operation of the computing equipment, IT network and email.
  • Proposes to the RATEN ICN management the IT policy and monitors its implementation by internal rules, ensuring the protection of electronically classified information.
  • Represents RATEN ICN in relation with IT entities.


  • The laboratory is designated as a notified body in the nuclear field in accordance with SR EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Main achievements

  • Mentaining notification for the nuclear field, as a result of the expertise conducted by CNCAN.
  • Carrying-out economic contracts/orders such as metrological calibration and repairing, recalibration of the measuring and monitoring equipment for external beneficiaries.
  • Providing professional equipment and software for managing and securing the internet and intranet networks.
  • Implementing network applications useful for RATEN ICN specific activities;
  • Internal accreditation of the IT system for the processing of classified ”RESTREINT UE”.

Contact: Silviu POPESCU, e-mail: silviu.popescu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 13-03-2019.


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