ICN - Pitesti



  • Research - development of electronic devices and gauges for measuring and monitoring nuclear radiation;
  • Software development for control process and data processing.


  • Research, design, homologation and manufacturing measurement and control devices intended for Cernavoda NPP and TRIGA-ICN Pitesti reactor
  • Design and implementation of safety and control systems for nuclear processes and industrial systems;
  • Design, homologation and fabrication of radiation detectors;
  • Research and development of systems and equipment for radiation measurement and monitoring;
  • Nuclear and industrial technical application;
  • Technologic and consultancy support for Cernavoda N.P.P.

Main achievements

  • Measuring and control instrumentation for Cernavoda N.P.P.:
    Design, homologation and manufacturing of equipment for the Power Control System and No.1 Security System, associated to Cernavoda NPP:
    • Self-powered amplifier module for flux detectors- NM7024 ADFA and NIM -NM7028 box;
    • Dynamic compensator module;
    • Threshold test and alarms control module;
    • Isolation amplifier module;
    • Amplifier for ionization chamber.
  • Safety and control systems for nuclear processes:
    • Failed Fuel Location System (SLCD) - Cernavoda NPP;
    • Radioactivity Monitoring System from the Heat Transport System (MRSTC) for Cernavoda NPP;
    • Ionization chamber amplifier with comparator trigger for the Cenavoda NPP reactor shutdown system;
    • Ionization chamber amplifier without comparator trigger for the power adjustment system;
    • Safety and adjustment computerized system for C9 and C5 capsule for the ICN -TRIGA reactor;
    • Dosimetry data acquisition system for the nuclear facilities from the CANDU and TRIGA reactor;
    • "Digital programmable comparator equipment" for the reactor shutdown system (Programmable digital comparators PDC);
    • Fixed gamma area monitors.
  • Radiation detectors:
    • Pressurized gamma ionization chamber CIG-P-321, for measuring the low-level gamma radiations;
    • Detection assembly with cylindrical ionization chamber for measuring the activity of gamma radiation sources;
    • Detection assembly with dual spherical ionization chamber of high sensitivity for measuring the flow exposure to gamma radiation in the range 10nSV/h, 100mSv/h;
    • Ionization chamber with boron irretrievable with incorporated cable for nuclear reactors control;
  • Systems and equipment for radiation measurement and monitoring:
    • ALFA contamination measurement device for fuel rods;
    • Personnel contamination measurement device;
    • Surface contamination measurement device;
    • Environment radiation monitoring station;
    • Radiometer for measuring the activity and dosing of isotopes;
    • Multifunctional equipment for radiation monitoring;
    • Portable equipment for radiation measuring, monitoring;
    • Acquisition and measuring system for metrological parameters in the nuclear field;
    • Local station of radiation monitoring;
    • Radiation protection integrated system.
  • Nuclear and industrial automation:
    • System for dimensional determinations connected to the metallographic microscope from the Post-Irradiation Examination Laboratory;
    • System for dimensional determination of hard solder welding samples from the nuclear fuel production at FCN Pitesti;
    • Analysis system of microbiological samples;
    • Surveillance system of closed enclosures;
    • Interactive training system of operators from Cernavoda NPP;
    • Neutronography films analysis system;
    • Analysis system for In Service Inspection control of the pressure tube from Cernavoda NPP
    • GESTRAD - radioactive materials management system based on barcode technique.
  • Nuclear techniques applications and industrial applications:
    • Control system using image acquisition and image processing of welding samples and hard solder ones in fuel elements;
    • Microscope drive system;
    • Image acquisition and processing system with applications in radiology and medicine;
    • Control and command system for LOCA test;
    • Redundant safety system for capsule irradiation;
    • Radioactive materials and waste management system with barcodes;
    • Control-command and data acquisition integrated system for nuclear fuel post-irradiation non-destructive examination;
    • Personnel training system;
    • GIS based monitoring system for applications in the nuclear field;
    • Integrated system for information presentation and interactive communication;
    • Pollutant factors integrated monitoring system;
    • Real time decision support system to evaluate emergency situations;
    • Monitoring station in the medical field;
    • Processing information system, data correlation and diagnosis in the nuclear field and civil protection;
    • Device for three-phase asynchronous engines protection;
    • Laser transceiver assembly with modular for industrial applications;
    • Device for protecting the rubber bearings from the hydro equipment;
    • Hydro equipment flows measurement system;
    • Centralized monitoring system for process parameters from hydroelectric plants;
    • Computerized data acquisition systems for industrial applications;
    • Alarms control command system for industrial applications.

Contact: Corneliu Mihail TALPALARIU; e-mail: cornel.talpalariu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 31-05-2016.


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