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ALFRED Project Management


  • Coordination and management of activities at national level for the completion of ALFRED reactor and research, testing and qualification support facilities dedicated to the demonstration of GEN IV Lead Fast Cooled Reactors;
  • Cooperation of European and international activities for the development of LFR technology.


  • Promoting the LFR technology and ALFRED project at national and internatinal level;
  • Coordinating the development of ALFRED research, testing, qualification and completion programs;
  • Drafting documentation and coordinating technical and economic activities required for the implementation of the authorization and financing applications;
  • Ensuring the active participation in the cooperation programs in the framework of consortiums, networks and platform (CESINA, ROMATOM, FALCON, SNETP, ESNII, ENS);
  • Carrying out reasearch and development activities and support studies dedicated to LFR technology and building the demonstration facility.

Main achievments

  • Promotion documentation at national and international level for financing GEN IV advanced technologies and ALFRED demonstrator (taking part in activities of specific European structures, position papers, support documentation, public documentation).;
  • Analyses, studies, research in the field of lead-cooled fast reactors;
  • Participation in European research projects in EURATOM framework;
  • Contributions to the technical and scientific documentation for the ALFRED reactor within the FALCON consortium (conceptual design, analysis, studies, activities programs).
Contact person: CS I Ilie Turcu, e-mail: ilie.turcu@nuclear.ro

Last modified: 05-07-2018.


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