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RATEN ICN - University of Pitesti - MANSOURA University

On 22 November 2017, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sallah, Director of International Relations Office from Mansoura University (Egipt) visited RATEN ICN. He was accompanied by Dr. ing. Dumitru Chirlesan, Rector of the University of Pitesti.

The distinguished guests were welcomed at the RATEN headquarters by Dr. Maria Roth, RATEN Strategy and Development Director, and Dr. ing Constantin Păunoiu, RATEN ICN Director.

The Academic delegation visit main goal was to discuss some preliminary aspects regarding the preparation of a tri-parties collaboration agreement between the two universities and RATEN ICN, taking into account the future plans of Mansoura University to create a Research Center for Energy, for the training of students and professionals in nuclear energy in order to sustain the development of the national nuclear program.

The long and fruitful collaboration between RATEN ICN Pitesti and University of Pitesti in the domain of studies and training of students represent the key pillar in providing the support infrastructure and specialists for accomplishment of the activities under the framework of the Collaboration Agreement signed by the two universities in September 2015.

The discussions covered the Mansoura University's professional training plans, the Research Center for Energy interest directions regarding the human resources training to sustain the nuclear programme development in Egypt, and the possible ways to support these efforts based on a collaboration agreement with RATEN ICN Pitesti and University of Pitesti.

RATEN ICN Director mentioned the creation of the Training Center within the institute, under the aegis of the International Atomic Energy Agency, a center for the training of the specialists from Romania and abroad in the nuclear field, the initiative that supports the new comer states wanting to start nuclear programs, as well as the states using the nuclear technology to develop their national nuclear programs.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sallah affirmed the Mansoura University's interest in coaching RATEN ICN in the training efforts of the Egyptian human resources in nuclear energy, taking into consideration the long experience, the high level of expertise and competence, and the professionalism of the Romanian specialists. There were discussed issues related to the training of Egyptian students (including the access to experimental facilities), areas of interest for the training courses organized by the Research Center of Energy, co-ordination of license/master/PhD works by RATEN ICN specialists, as well as the possibility of co-organizing scientific events.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Cristina Alice Margeanu, RATEN ICN responsible for the cooperation agreement. There will follow-up the specific correspondence for the preparation of the draft document.

During the visit to RATEN ICN, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sallah also met with Editorial Committee of the JNRD (Dr. Marin Constantin - Editor in Chief, Dr. Daniela Diaconu - Deputy Editor in Chief, Dr. Minodora Apostol, Dr. Cristina Alice Margeanu - Editorial General Secretary), the scientific international revue edited by the RATEN ICN, as well as with members of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference NUCLEAR, annually organized by RATEN ICN in cooperation with University of Pitesti and held on the institute headquarters premises. There were discussed topics regarding the Egyptian participation with scientific works submitted for evaluation to be published in JNRD and attending of the Scientific Conference NUCLEAR, organizational aspects, and areas of common interest.

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