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Summer Workshop on “Radioactive waste management, environmental protection and decommissioning”, September 3-7, 2018

The ETSON Junior Staff Programme (JSP) Summer Workshop is an annual networking event of young professionals from Technical Safety Organizations.

The ETSON JSP workshop 2018 was dedicated to Radioactive waste management, environmental protection and decommissioning, and it was organized from 3rd – 7th September at the Institute for Nuclear Research (RATEN ICN) premises in Mioveni, Romania.

The workshop was attended by foreign specialists representing major nuclear safety technical support organizations (TSO) from 10 countries (France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Lithuania, Russian Federation), joined by young specialists from RATEN ICN, Romania. As invited experts, Alexandru Toma (RATEN ICN Scientific Director), Ilie Turcu (RATEN ICN representative for ETSON), Crina Bucur (Manager of RATEN ICN Radioactive Waste Management Program), Daniela Diaconu (Manager of RATEN ICN International Cooperation Program) and Mirela Nitoi (Responsible for ETSON JSP Program and Seminar Organizer) participated also.

The seminar included the technical visit to S2 - TRIGA Reactor, LEPI - Post-Irradiation Examination Laboratory and STDR - Radioactive Waste Treatment and Conditioning Plant. During the technical visit, information was provided about the installations in general, about the activities and services that RATEN ICN performs, as well as about the research activities and the main results obtained in the last years.

More than 35 participants (20 specialists from abroad) actively participated in the seminar sessions, both through presentations and working groups.

The presentations and discussions covered topics such as Radioactive Waste Management, Storage and Disposal, Transport of Radioactive Materials, and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities. The high number of participants, as well as their involvement in lectures and working groups prepared and instructed by themselves is worth to be highlighted.

Based on the evaluation questionnaire answers, the participants appreciated the seminar as reaching the predefined goals with a very good satisfactory level and welcomed the idea of promoting collaboration and interactions among young specialists from different countries.

The organization of the seminar and the visit of foreign specialists at RATEN ICN contributed to increase the visibility of the institute and the existing competencies in performing nuclear safety analyzes.

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