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Visit at Mansoura University, Egypt, September 16-19, 2018

On September 16-19, 2018, at the invitation of Mansoura University, the RATEN ICN delegation composed of Dr. Alexandru Toma, Scientific Director, and Dr. Cristina Alice Mărgeanu, coordinator of collaborative activities with Mansoura University, paid a visit to Egypt.

The visit was aimed at signing the Trilateral Collaboration Agreement between Mansoura University (Egypt), University of Piteşti (Romania) and Institute for Nuclear Research Piteşti (România). RATEN ICN delegates have been invited to sustain plenary presentations at the First Mansoura Conference of Postgraduate Research in Physics, organized by Mansoura University’s department of Physics, from 18 to 20 September, as part of its activities with University of Piteşti under the European program Erasmus+.

On September, 17, 2018, Romanian guests were welcomed at the Mansoura University headquarters by Prof. Dr. Mohamed H.M.M Elkenawi, President, Prof. Ashraf M. Sewelam, Vice-president for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Usama El-Ayaan, Vice-dean in Faculty of Sciences, and Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sallah, Director of International Relations Office.

The discussions preceding the official signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement highlighted the importance of continuing the collaboration between the two universities, started in 2015, and raising it to a new level through the involvement of RATEN ICN specialists and its R&D and education and training infrastructure. It was highly appreciated the extended experience, the competency and the professionalism of RATEN ICN specialists in nuclear energy field and it was stressed the opportunity of their support for the education and training of Egyptian human resources in the field of Nuclear and Radiation Technologies for the specific topics of interest (Nuclear Safety, Radiation Protection, Reactor Physics, Nuclear Materials Characterizations, Management of Activities involving Radioactive Materials, Management of Radiological Risks, and Modelling of Nuclear Energy Systems within the National Energy Mix) within the Center of Research in Energy of the Mansoura University. There were also discussed aspects of the trilateral collaboration aimed at joint scientific and didactic activities, as well as the joint organization of scientific events in the field.

The Trilateral Collaboration Agreement was signed by: Prof. Dr. Mohamed H.M.M Elkenawi, President of Mansoura University (Egypt), Prof. Dr. Dumitru Chirleşan, Rector of the University of Piteşti (Romania) and Dr. Alexandru Toma, Scientific Director of RATEN ICN Piteşti (Romania). At the ceremony also participated the coordinators of the collaboration agreement: Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sallah (Mansoura University, Egypt), Conf. Dr. Georgeta Chirleşan (University of Piteşti, Romania), Dr. Cristina Alice Mărgeanu (RATEN ICN, Piteşti, Romania).

On September, 18, 2018, RATEN ICN delegates held plenary presentations at the First Mansoura’s Conference of Postgraduate Research in Physics.

Dr. Alexandru Toma presented the RATEN ICN’s infrastructure of R&D, and education and training. There have been briefly highlighted the activities carried out in the institute, the R&D programs, the R&D and the support departments, the nuclear facilities and experimental installations, the training programs, as well as the projects and collaborations at national and international level in which are involved the institute’s specialists. Particular attention was paid to the involvement of RATEN ICN in the international efforts to develop the project of the European Lead cooled Fast Reactor, and the designation of RATEN ICN platform as reference site for building of the ALFRED demonstrator, the key piece of the future unique research infrastructure worldwide opened, aiming to demonstrate the economic viability of LFR technology for commercial nuclear power plants.

Dr. Cristina Alice Mărgeanu presented the results of IAEA’s instruments application to the analysis of energy systems with the aim of demonstrating the economic competitiveness of nuclear power as low-carbon energy source in the national energy mix. The case studies performed by RATEN ICN specialists under the framework of IAEA’s INPRO collaborative projects aimed at developing nuclear capacities and increasing of its share in the national energy mix in order to assure the sustainability. It were also presented the results of an economic analysis on the competitiveness of the nuclear technology (represented by advanced PWR, advanced HWR, and SMR using LFR technology) compared to competing energy sources in Romania’s energy system, namely the classic technologies using fossil fuels (natural gas and coal).

Specific correspondence is to be initiated for drawing up the implementation program of the collaboration agreement, defining of the activities that will ensure the smooth running of the agreement, with deadlines and responsibilities, and prioritization according to the availability of the parties involved.

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