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Numerical Simulations for Radioactive Waste Disposal 2 – NSRAWD 2


The project proposes to continue and strengthen the collaboration between RATEN ICN and CEA in the field of numerical simulation for radioactive waste disposal, combining experimental activities with computational work in order to improve and validate flow and transport numerical models and to determine important radionuclides transport properties such as dispersivity and retardation, as well as changes occurring as result of the cement barriers used in repository construction. Numerical models appropriate for each element of the disposal system already coupled in the Alliances Platform will be further improved in order to reduce the uncertainties and to get a more realistic approach for the performance and safety assessments of the Saligny LIL waste repository. This project will use the CEA experience in developing numerical models, as well as the experience of ICN team in developing in-field tests and running computer codes.

Objective of the project is to reduce the uncertainties related to the contaminant transport in unsaturated zone of Saligny site by:

  • obtaining site specific data that accurately describe the contaminant interaction with geological media beneath the repository
  • improving and validating the transport numerical models used in disposal safety assessment
    • develop new in-field tracer test and collect more experimental data for better understanding of the Saligny site characteristics
    • increase confidence in the numerical modelling used in radioactive waste disposal
  • improving the integrated system for safety assessment of LIL waste disposal applied to Saligny site as an useful tool for further application in the site licence


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